Publishing the email sent by on 2014–2019 MP Report Card. Do check it out and decide wisely. Mumbaivotes scans thousands of news articles and makes it easier for you and me the ordinary citizens to teach the progress of our elected representatives.

MP Report card for 2014-2019
Download the MP Report card for 2014–2019

The EMAIL Copy Pasted Below — MP Report Card

Dear enduring supporter of Mumbaivotes, hope this…

Your voices are stifled for long. Social Media has given you the power to be finally heard. You don’t need access to a media mogul now and you can do social shaming all by yourself.

Some basic rules you need to follow before destroying someone’s reputation by social shaming.

Let me cite a sample tweet.


Manoj Nayak

Productivity, books, hyperlocal, AI, machine learning, bots, writing.

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